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    Technology of silica brick oven Ovens

    Hits: Time:2013-03-10Source:Refractory silica brick clay bricks | castables | silicon carbide |

    The silica brick coke oven because of its fast heat conduction, coking time is short and the price is relatively cheap in the coking industry has been widely used. The silica brick coke oven life is about more than two decades. In fact, the life of the coke oven depends not only on the the silica brick itself, but also determine the quality of the stove and oven quality is good or bad. This article is to explore the relevant technical aspects of the oven.
    , The nature of the coke oven silica brick
    Are acidic refractories, the main component is silicon dioxide, accounting for more than 93% of the quality, greater than 1650 degrees refractoriness, thermal shock resistant to temperature, good thermal conductivity, so it is used in coke oven inside of the furnace parts, such as carbonization chamber of the main wall, ramps and regenerator main wall.
    Second, the silica brick oven coke oven
    Production of silica brick coke oven by the the cold masonry State (atmospheric temperature) to hot (850-900 degrees) before this process is called oven process, which will take about 50 days time. The oven itself of this work is very important work, it is based on the quality of the silica brick and thermal expansion to develop detailed Ovens program, highlights include two of the warming plan and the management of iron pieces. Because silica bricks internal type polymorph, polymorph transformation, resulting in the expansion of the volume of the silica brick in the respective temperature ranges, this expansion there is a certain role in the destruction of the heating must be managed according to plan, the iron must be its strict monitoring of changes in the furnace column curvature and length of the furnace, anxious to adjust the spring tonnage of coke oven size.
    Third, oven with a choice of raw materials
    Ovens raw materials are generally three types: gas, diesel and coal. Various enterprises can be selected according to the actual situation. Gas oven is the best choice because of its good temperature control, the use of the least relative workload; diesel Ovens Gas Ovens relatively large amount of work, use more staff; coal oven is not control the temperature , heavy workload, the largest amount of personnel, it is the last option.
    Ovens technology is a technology with high technological content, it is generally this work must be chaired by experienced coke oven expert technicians. I attended presided over a dozen times coke oven Ovens, has some experience in the line of this invite experts and scholars to discuss the exchange!
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