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    Refractory forming PRESS research process and applications

    Hits: Time:2012-06-21Source:Refractory silica brick clay bricks | castables | silicon carbide |

    Refractory molding PRESS commonly used models hydraulic, crank and screw drive type. At present, the production of refractories enterprises to adopt more friction spiral PRESS due to this PRESS manual, can not accurately control the striking force and combat energy l999 years, friction screw press is included in the national phase-out backward production capacity, process and product catalogs. "

        Over the years, people have been hoping that the striking force of the spiral PRESS device can use the digital control and combating energy, the process parameters of the device are easy to adjust, in order to achieve the optimization of process parameters, adobe volume density. Same time, improve the the Press for performance and efficiency, energy saving, reduced to increase efficiency. I Switched Reluctance CNC spiral PRESS course of the study will now make a brief introduction.

        1. Structural design

        (1) structure design. Switched Reluctance CNC spiral brick press machine motor, belt drive, screw structure. The motor connection flywheel, flywheel connection screw nut screw connection slider. The motor is driven by the flywheel screw rotates, the nut and the slider up or down with the reciprocating motion to strike the brick.

        ② energy and pressure control. Spiral PRESS moving part: to combat energy is proportional to the square of the angular velocity of the motor, so the energy of the digital control attributed to the setting of the motor speed. The end of the blow, the slider speed is zero, to combat energy conversion: blank deformation work, the presses by force parts deformation work to overcome the the friction power consumed by the friction. When the spiral PRESS energy digital set, the greater the deformation of the blank, the smaller the striking force; blank smaller the deformation work, the greater the striking force.

        2 NC implementation of the energy

        ① the Switched Reluctance NC driver. The Switched Reluctance system is composed of two parts in the motor and controller. The motor stator and rotor by the red salient pole and grooves silicon punching laminated is made. The permanent magnet rotor neither winding nor the phase of the stator winding for the concentrated winding. When the insulated gate bipolar transistor is turned on, the winding of the energy absorbed by the DC power supply when the power is disconnected, the current flows through the freewheeling diode winding continue to circulate, and feedback to the power supply. Therefore, the characteristics of the system of Switched Reluctance regeneration system energy-saving, high efficiency. In addition, the rotor is fixed tooth plate, rotating photoelectric sensor detecting the toothed disc mounted on the stator, the rotor angular displacement of the electrical pulse signal sent to the controller, to control the working movement of the motor by the controller. Motor start and stop position (top dead center and bottom dead center position) can be controlled by the limit switch or motor angular displacement setting.

        (2) CNC design. Drive screw PRESS Switched Reluctance system below the rated speed, the instantaneous torque of the motor stator currents and rotor and the equations of motion.

        3 Test and Application

        Switched Reluctance CNC spiral PRESS 400 tons commissioning process, summed up the top ten performance characteristics:

        ① to improve the quality of molded products. Can be set in accordance with the the refractory molding process requirements, digitization of the striking force of the blow, the fight against energy, serious efforts to combat M times, in a brick molding process, in its efforts to combat the N times, the light intensity against L exclusion of air, improve product quality.

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