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    China Quality AAA grade brands

    Hits: Date:2012-12-03Source:Refractory silica brick clay bricks | castables | silicon carbide |

    Company Name: Shandong Jiahe Refractories Co., Ltd.
    International Credit Code: CE20122106331525600
    Certification Body: China Enterprise Brand Evaluation Center
    Certificate: AAA grade quality and integrity of brands
    Registration No.: CE20120106331525600-302
    Standard: QE: 9000
    The effective date of the certificate: 2012.11-2015.11
    Certificate status:

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    Contact:Bi Jingli Tel:0533-6687777 6699588 Fax:0533-6693399 Mobile:13793308666
    Address:Wang Village Vanguard, Shandong Zhoucun Zip:255311 Website:www.hhiadventures.com
    Keywords:Refractory silica brick clay bricks | castables | silicon carbide |
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